Research Administration Video Education Series (RAVES)

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Using Researcher Home Page

  1. Introducing Researcher Home Page (screen cast) - This video will give you an overview of how to use Researcher Home Page, a self-serve online grant management tool.
  2. Creating a Proposal Request (screen cast) - One of the most asked questions at the Research Services Office (RSO), this screencast video shows you how to create a proposal in Researcher Home Page. Research applications or proposals to sponsors at the University of Alberta (U of A) require researchers to create a proposal request online.
  3. Creating a Request for Authorization of Temporary Over Expenditure on Researcher Home Page (screen cast) - This video will teach you how to create a request in Researcher Home Page to obtain the authorization of temporary over expenditure on a restricted research project.

Developing & Submitting Proposals

  1. Submitting a Complete Application - Learn more about submitting a complete application package to the RSO. This includes the requisite U of A signatures and what is required in a complete application package for RSO review and signature before applications are submitted to sponsors.

Receiving & Managing Funding

  1. Reviewing and Verifying Research Grant Expenditures - Learn what grant expenditure review and verification is and why it is important and how to do it.
  2. Understanding Research Expenditure Testing - Learn what research expenditure testing is, its importance, why it is being conducted and what makes expenses ineligible and/or non-compliant.
  3. Preparing for a Tri-Agency Financial Monitoring Review for Researchers - Learn why a financial monitoring review is necessary, its importance, and what researchers can expect during the review and in telephone interviews.
  4. Preparing for a Tri-Agency Financial Monitoring Review for Administrators - Learn why a financial monitoring review is necessary, its importance, what research administrators can expect and what the Tri-Agency looks for in expenditures.
  5. Managing Research Projects - Learn more about managing research projects, including U of A best practices and the importance of retaining records.

Contracts & Partnerships

  1. Understanding Contracts -This video is about how the RSO deals with sponsored research contracts. Watching this video will give you more information about what to tell research sponsors before starting a contract, when to call RSO and what to tell RSO so research contracts are concluded as quickly as possible.
  2. Understanding Partnership Projects Team and Their Services -This video explains the role of the Partnership Projects Team and when to contact members of the team at the RSO.

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