Using the Researcher Home Page

Download a copy of the new Guide to Researcher Home Page booklet (PDF File, 11 MB) or the Researcher Home Page brochure (PDF 2.6 MB).

Information You Need Before You Start

  • Your CCID and password to log in to PeopleSoft.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the University of Alberta PeopleSoft Financials login page on your web browser (

  2. Enter your CCID and password to log in (Note: Password is case-sensitive).

  3. In the Self-Service Center, click on the Researcher Home Page link in the General Inquiry section. Note: If you already hold research projects or proposals, the Researcher Home Page will automatically display your active research Projects and Proposals.

Navigation Tips

  • If you wish to see additional details on your research project or proposals, you may click the Details or Over Expenditure tabs.

  • Clicking the Show All Columns ICON next to the Over Expenditure tab displays all information for all tabs.

  • Clicking the Download ICON in the top-right corner downloads the entire list to an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Clicking the Grants Life Cycle ICON for a proposal or project will display the Grants Life Cycle diagram, which provides additional information on the status of your new project request or active project.

  • Clicking the paper clip ICON will display the list of online attachments for each research project that can be viewed or downloaded (i.e., Notice of Award, signed contracts, amendments, etc.).

  • Clicking the Project Number will display the Financial Overview report showing a summary of the budgets and expenditures.

  • Clicking the Proposal Number will display the details of what was entered to create the proposal. Note that this takes you to a search page that will automatically add the proposal number. Just click Search.

  • The ICON in the upper-right corner means PeopleSoft is processing. Please be patient as some tasks take several seconds to complete.

  • If at any point you want to return to the Self-Service Center, click Home in the top-right corner of the screen.

  • When you are finished in PeopleSoft, remember to click Sign out in the top-right corner of the screen.

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