Research Policies and Procedures

The University of Alberta serves the community by the dissemination of knowledge through teaching and the discovery of knowledge through research. As one of Canada’s largest research-intensive universities, the University of Alberta is committed to excellence in research based on the highest national and international standards, and to actively promoting the important role of research in teaching.

As part of its commitment to the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the University of Alberta will foster an environment of open inquiry and academic freedom in which individuals can pursue scholarly activities. To this end, the University will

  • Ensure the highest standards of practice and ethical conduct. 
  • Ensure that human research participants are treated safely and with respect. 
  • Ensure that teaching and research activities with animals are done with full respect for animal welfare. 
  • Be dedicated to supporting and developing research and scholarship through prudent resource management and the securing of external funding.

All research must be compatible with established University policy and procedure, and comply with the terms and conditions agreed upon with granting agencies and donors.