Roles and Responsibilities

According to the Research Administration Procedure (Roles and Responsibilities), the RSO is responsible for invoicing sponsors and submitting financial reports, and the researcher is responsible for submitting all required scientific reports and deliverables to the sponsor. Invoicing, financial and scientific reports and deliverables should be in accordance with the terms and conditions of the agreement or as set out in the Notice of Award.


Deliverables are progress or final scientific reports, etc. sent to the sponsor by the researcher according to the schedule set out in a research agreement or Notice of Award. Many sponsors have made receipt of deliverables a pre-condition of releasing payments on approved funding or advancing future payments of research funding. If invoicing is tied to a researcher deliverable, the researcher is responsible for notifying the RSO that the deliverable has been received by the Sponsor and that an invoice can be issued.

Unpaid Invoices

If payment of an invoice is subject to the sponsor receiving a deliverable, the sponsor has the right to withhold its payment of the invoice until the deliverable is received. The sponsor could declare a breach of contract and refuse to pay the invoice if the deliverables are not received in a timely manner or if the deliverable does not meet the sponsors’ satisfactory approval. In these situations the researcher may be held responsible for any shortfall in payments.