John R. Evans Leaders Fund (JELF)

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The John R Evans Leaders Fund provides funding for research infrastructure, enabling researchers to conduct leading-edge research. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) provides the UofA with a specific JELF allocation. The CFI will support a maximum of 40% of the eligible costs of a JELF project. Applicants will also request matching funding through the Alberta Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (EDT) Research Capacity Program – Small Equipment Grants Stream. More information about these programs is available in this presentation prepared by RSO.

Submitting a JELF Proposal

Researchers wishing to apply for the JELF should contact the RSO immediately in order to discuss appropriate timelines and deadlines for preparation of these applications. Please note that the internal deadline for submission of a complete first draft for review by the RSO is 45 days prior to the CFI deadline. See the table below for details.

If a proposal is not received by the internal deadline of 45 days prior to the CFI submission deadline:

  • the Institution will not support the submission for that competition;
  • the Project leader will be required to make a request to his/her faculty for approval to submit in a future competition; and 

Internal Timelines for CFI JELF Proposal Development Period




Large Faculties Stream
(FoMD, Sci, Eng)

Twice per year
(minimum 6 months prior to submission deadline)

Associate/Vice Deans (Research) to keep RSO apprised of all proposals that are being considered for future competitions from their faculties. RSO should be advised at least 6 months in advance of the relevant submission deadline. This information will be tracked via shared Google Docs.

Large Faculties Stream
(FoMD, Sci, Eng)

5 months prior to submission deadline

Associate/Vice Deans (Research) to provide project-specific written confirmation via email to RSO that the Faculty supports the project to allow RSO to begin consultations for proposal development.

Combined Other Faculties Stream
Emerging Priorities Stream

Annual internal deadline: January 15th (with decisions by February 28th to
move forward to proposal stage)

Internal Letter of Intent to be submitted to RSO for review by Vice-President (Research). Associate/Vice Deans (Research) must be in support of the submissions. Submissions for the Combined Pot and the Emerging Priorities Pot will be considered separately. Projects will be selected on the basis of merit. More information on this process, including an application form, will be provided closer to the deadline.

All Streams

4 months prior to submission deadline

RSO to initiate first meeting with Project Leader. First meeting to include representative from Facilities and Operations. Discussion will include information for Project Leader regarding CFI policy and procedures, proposed equipment needs, potential renovation requirements, and requirement for consultation with any other units on campus.

All Streams

45 days prior to submission deadline

First complete draft of proposal to be entered in the CFI CAMS system for review by RSO – no extension will be permitted.

CFI Application Deadlines

Fund Name

CFI Deadline

JELF – Unaffiliated

February 15, June 15 and October 15 of every year

JELF – Canada Research Chairs

Twice a year

JELF – NSERC, Industrial Research Chairs

No deadline

JELF – SSHRC, Insight Grants

October 15

JELF – SSHRC, Partnership Grants

Letter of Intent: TBD

Should a JELF-Unaffiliated deadline fall on a weekend, the deadline is pushed to the following Monday.

Information for Current Applicants - Note Internal Deadline of May 1, 2017

For the June 2017 JELF Application intake, approved Project Leaders must ensure that no later than May 1, 2017 that their Contracts Specialist is provided with:

  • a complete first draft of their CFI-JELF application;
  • a completed budget spreadsheet, accompanied by all vendor quotes
  • a complete first draft of the Alberta Alignment module

More information about how the budget should be developed is available here.

Appropriate progress must also have been made on any renovation planning in order for the application to proceed. Consultations from other University of Alberta units may be necessary to discuss construction/renovation, requests for high-performance computing infrastructure and digital data management planning.

All drafts of the proposal should be provided to RSO for review in Microsoft Word format.

The complete JELF application will include the following components:

For the May 1 application deadline, applicants must also provide a completed draft of their application for matching provincial funding.

Applicants should review the following documents as they prepare their application:

CFI Documents

Government of Alberta Documents

Internal University of Alberta Documents

Distribution of JELF Allocation

The distribution of the JELF allocation for the 2017-2020 period will be as follows:


Distribution of JELF 2017-2020
Allocation by Faculty

Large Faculties

Medicine & Dentistry


Large Faculties



Large Faculties



Combined Faculties

Combined Other Faculties


Emerging Priorities

Emerging Priorities



TOTAL Available Allocation