Applying for Funding

All research-related applications and proposals being submitted for funding must be reviewed and approved by the Research Services Office on behalf of the University prior to submission to the sponsor. Applications are reviewed to ensure that they are complete and that they meet University of Alberta and the sponsor's policies, including those relating to eligibility, inclusion of indirect costs in the budget and signature requirements. Additional information on applying for funding can be found on the pages in this section as well as through the links in the right hand column. Information regarding a sponsor's policies can generally be found on their websites.

The RSO deadline for review and institutional sign-off is usually five business days before the sponsor deadline for most applications and proposals. Once reviewed and approved for submission, the RSO will sign the application on behalf of the University and return it to the researcher for submission to the sponsor.

Exceptions: A number of programs, for example Canada Research Chairs and Canada Foundation for Innovation, may have RSO deadlines that are greater than five business days before the sponsor deadline. These exceptions will be communicated to researchers via the RSO website, Research Facilitators and/or Associate Deans (Research) in each Faculty. In addition to these exceptions, some units set their own internal review deadlines in advance of the five-business days required by RSO. Applicants should check with their Department, Faculty or Research Facilitator to see if there are additional departmental deadlines for review and signing of applications/proposals.