About RSO

The Research Services Office (RSO) supports researchers and administrators by providing services focused on the identification of potential funding sources, assistance with the application process and guidance with the financial management of awards. The RSO serves the Faculties of the University of Alberta and its affiliated institutes, centres and hospitals. In addition, the RSO works with partners in the external community, industry and government agencies to advance the University’s goal to be a major catalyst for social and economic development.

The Research Services Office utilizes a central/distributed model for the provision of research services at the University of Alberta. Under this model, Research Facilitation Offices have been established in the Faculties as Faculty-based extensions of the RSO. In addition to the Research Facilitation Offices, the RSO also maintains a central core of units to handle more centralized research administration functions. All of these central and distributed teams work together to develop and maintain efficient business processes and practices that provide seamless and consistent support to researchers and staff in Faculties regarding research administration-related matters.