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Download a copy of the new Guide to Researcher Home Page booklet (PDF File, 11 MB).
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The Researcher Home Page is the portal to a self-serve online grant management tool for researchers. It is accessed with a University of Alberta CCID.

Upgrades to the Researcher Home Page (Grants 3.0) are the culmination of several years of experience and discussion with users. The Research Services Office (RSO) listened to valuable feedback from researchers and administrators, and has incorporated several improvements.

Software enhancements to the Researcher Home Page will streamline several forms - eliminating duplication of data entry and saving steps for both the researcher and the RSO. The online pages available on the Researcher Home Page will replace several of the manual forms (currently available in the RSO Forms Cabinet).

With the upgrades launched on August 18, 2014, researchers can now use the Researcher Home Page to:

  • Request new research projects;
  • Request changes to current projects:
    • Changes to project end dates;
    • Changes to award amounts;
    • Changes to project holder;
    • Changes to project funder (or sponsor);
  • Request transfers of research funds to co-investigators at other institutions;
  • Easily monitor the progress of new research proposal and amendment requests as the various stages of processing are completed by the RSO (completion of each stage is displayed in a clear "life cycle" diagram);
  • View advice notices from the RSO;
  • Easily track project spending and commitments;
  • Request authorization of temporary over-expenditures; and
  • Run financial reports that can be saved as PDFs for their records.

The new online forms will draw relevant data from the researcher’s profile and current research project, replacing much manual (and duplication of) data entry. After entering the new information onto the online request forms, researchers will print the completed forms, attach any required documentation before obtaining approval signatures on the printed forms, and submit all documents to the RSO so processing can begin.

The upgrades to the Researcher Home Page and online forms have positioned the University to move toward electronic approvals of research applications and contracts in a future upgrade.

Watch this RSO web page for further information and updates. Resources for using Researcher Home Page (Learning Guides to using the online forms) will be posted here.

Questions about Researcher Home Page?

Please direct questions or requests for an information session on changes to the Researcher Home Page to the Research Facilitator assigned to your faculty.