U of A Funding

The University of Alberta and affiliated centres and programs provide funding opportunities for researchers. The programs listed below are administered within the Vice-President (Research) and Provost and Vice-President (Academic) portfolios. The right-hand column provides links to U of A-affiliated centres and programs. Faculties may also have specific internal granting programs. Please contact your department or Faculty-assigned Research Facilitator for more information.

RSO-Administered Internal Grants

The Research Services Office administers two internal grants. Applications should be prepared with reference to the definition of research and eligible expenses outlined in Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Income Tax Folio S1-F2-C3 (Scholarships, Research Grants and Other Education Assistance).

Sabbatical Research Grants

This program permits a researcher to receive a research grant in lieu of salary. The grant may be used for all the same purposes of a grant-in-aid of research. This program covers only research activities and is not for projects directed at teaching or the development of teaching-related skills.

A continuing faculty member who has been granted a sabbatical leave has, in the process, also satisfied the adjudication requirements to receive a Sabbatical Research Grant. Once the grant has been awarded, the funds are no longer considered to be sabbatical stipend but constitute a research grant which is subject to the regulations of the program and the research-related policies of the University. The amount of the grant should be reasonable and commensurate with the proportion of time to be spent on the research project. Grants may not exceed the sabbatical stipend less employee benefits. The grant payment will be treated as T4A income for tax purposes, and accordingly, no income tax will be deducted by the University. The grant is self-administered. The award recipient is responsible for reporting the income to Canada Revenue Agency and declaring the eligible expenditures against it.

Applications are due one month prior to sabbatical.

Vice-President (Research) Administered Grants

Website: VPR Website
  • Killam Research Fund
  • Distinguished Visitors Fund
  • Editors of Major International Scholarly Journals