Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) Announcements

  • New UPDATE: Pre-proposals are currently under review. Panel 2 will be meeting to discuss the projects on Thursday, April 14. Project Leaders will be contacted for clarifications as necessary after that meeting. Panel 1 will be meeting on April 22 to make the decision on which projects are selected to go forward to develop a full proposal for submission to CFI. Results will be communicated to Project Leaders by April 29.
  • SAVE THE DATE: "Pitch Day" is being planned for June 8, 2016. This session will provide an opportunity for each project that is selected to develop a full proposal to present a brief (10 minute) summary of their project to an audience consisting of the other Project Leads and members of Panel 2 with the goal of promoting communication between projects to identify potentials for collaboration and overlap in order to strengthen the Institutional offering of CFI proposals.
  • 2017 Innovation Fund Mailing List: If you are interested in receiving updates and reminders about the 2017 Innovation Fund competition, please send an email to RSO.Innovation@ualberta.ca with the subject line "add to mailing list". You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Important Link: The RSO 2017 Innovation Fund page.

New Research Proposal Lifecycle

Have you ever wondered what occurs from the application process through to the establishment of a speed code for your newly funded project? Our new Overview of New Research Proposal Lifecycle webpage documents the steps (for the application, decision, documentation, negotiations and award processing) that must occur before your funds will be available to you to begin to spend.

Researcher Home Page

The Research Services Office launched Grants 3.0 on August 18, 2014, which included an upgrade to the Researcher Home Page, a self-serve online tool for researchers. Grants 3.0 is the name of the software upgrade to the University’s PeopleSoft grants management system used to track research grants and contracts and to manage all research funding received by the University of Alberta.